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… To the blog at Vigilant Financial, where you will be able to find weekly updates containing our market thoughts and company news.

This week saw the launch of our new website, and with it the opening of Vigilant’s doors for business.

It is an interesting time to be starting a new business in the finance sector. The road to recovery is running less smooth than was recently thought. With riots in Athens – and latterly nerves in Shanghai – faith in the ability of governments to deliver us from all evil has been shaken. When a state bails out its population, can it defend them from loss – or merely destroy its own solvency?

The markets’ view into the back end of last year was that our governments, by taking on every last contingent liability they could find, had protected us absolutely from any consequences of our borrowed profligacy. Now – as is the way with markets – they are not quite so sure.

One thing we can be sure of is that even the most intractable path becomes navigable with the assistance of a reliable guide. At times like these we believe it will pay to be Vigilant.

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